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June 30, 2006


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I’m going to get off Newark soon, but Louie Crew keeps giving me stuff to work with. He has reset his General Convevtion clock to the 2009 meeting. For those of you hoping to get some great advanced travel deals, it is 1107 days away.

And it’s in Anaheim. Yes, Disneyland! Perfect! In fact a map on the Convention Center website puts the meeting place adjacent to the fantasy park. General Convention 2006 was a fantasy land. The one in three years will be worse.
The elite of the Episcopal Church—the senate of bishops and the house of choice Deputies imagine themselves to be a slice of the real Episcopal Church. But realize that the four clergy and four laypeople elected out of the tens of thousands of Episcopal church people in a diocese are almost all convention veterans or diocese insiders or big players. The election process for Deputies is fairly heartless. The auto mechanic or homemaker without a string of church credentials would have a slim chance of being elected on a platform of “a fresh voice.”

A neutral observer of GC2006 would have to admit that the gay lobby owns the event. Never again will an attempt be mounted to back away from full-bore affirmation of the gay position. Any effort to raise the question of Scripture is despised by the majority.

And after watching their people get thrown under the steamroller of “Do it for Kate,” gay leaders will be armed and dug in in 2009.

I won’t be running for Deputy to General Convention 2009. It would ruin the experience of Disneyland.

And I dare say that the Episcopal Church will look very different in three years. The leaders of classic Christianity won’t be at GC. The so-called “center” of General Convention (which is NOT the center of the Episcopal Church) better get used to their new masters.



  1. Go Anthill!
    Also the giant Episcopal Churches have a stronghold on the standing committies, etc
    in our diocese already. Clearly there has not been “fresh voices” at GC for many years.

    GC 2009 won’t have need to feign even the pretence of a Cross and flower hangings. It
    will be a statue of L. Crew and the pink, blue, purple and yellow flag
    of the gay alliance hanging on the platform!! Let their fantacy begin!
    If Leaders of “classic Christianity” follow a careful plan of salvaging and rebuilding
    what is left in the North American church, we should be well cemented in
    the mission of our Lord and Savior by 2009.

    Comment by Byron — June 30, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

  2. I won’t be running for Deputy of General Convention either!

    My membership just expired in TEC!

    I’m tired of a priest who is a fence straddler and lukewarm institutional

    David B.

    Comment by David — June 30, 2006 @ 9:26 pm

  3. David and Byron–Thanks for commenting. I hope you will be in the neighborhood of the new Anglican something that is shaping up. It looks real.

    Comment by anthill — June 30, 2006 @ 9:53 pm

  4. Interesting it’s at Disney, one of the biggest prohomosexual companies in the country. Bet they got a discounted rate.

    Comment by Pam C. — July 2, 2006 @ 9:19 pm

  5. I and many others in my church have told our Priest if our diocese even thinks about attending GC2009, we will be gone. I must admit some in our church will be happy with that development. LOL.

    Comment by Don — July 12, 2006 @ 7:57 pm

  6. […] As we read on another blog after the Episcopal General Convention of 2006: The gay lobby owns the General Convention. It also owns the media. Russell writes to Drell: “I believe its passing [The Witness] does recognize that what were once voices crying in the wilderness have become the mainstream voices of the Episcopal Majority.” We at this blog hope the real Episcopal majority wakes up to realize the ship of the church has been hijacked. The daily news briefings over the ship’s channel are controlled media. […]

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