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April 23, 2006


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The Rev. Leander S. Harding, in his blog of the same name, has posted an Open Letter to the Deputies to General Convention from his diocese.

Part of what I'm feeling as GC approaches is expressed perfectly and I commend the whole letter to you.

He couches his appeal in prayer related to our defining relationship with the Anglican Communion:

It is my prayer that the General Convention will say yes to the requests contained in the Windsor Report and do so in a straightforward and unequivocal way. It is clear that rejecting the provisions of the Windsor Report would mean a break with the world-wide Anglican Communion.

One point of analysis touches a truth I recognized as I read these words: "The divisions in our Church run more through parishes than between parishes." I must guess that the forcing of the approval of a partnered-gay man as a bishop at General Convention 2003 may end up killing the church I serve. We are just barely marginal financially and more of the same from GC 2006 will predictably do us in.

Finally, this:

I want to say to you as a parish priest with long standing that the legislative victory of the last General Convention does not begin to represent the mind of our Church at the parish level. The efforts at dialogue and consensus building on this issue in our own diocese have been well- intentioned but inadequate. Many, many people in our Church and in our diocese feel profoundly that they have been neither consulted nor heard on this issue.

Read the rest and write your paraphrase to your deputies to GC 2006. Time is speeding by for our church.


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