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April 10, 2006


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I've been waiting for this. Thank you Louie for coming right out with it.

CaNN gives us a link to a Louie Crew post that perfectly identifies the stakes in our debate from the gay side. Do not miss this! The stakes could not be higher.

Crew: "It is a sin against the Holy Spirit to interfere with the blessings which God has already bountifully bestowed on lesbians and gays…."

Get out your Bible — Mark 3:29 || Matt. 12:31,32; Luke 12:10. The "sin against the Holy Spirit," which I think Crew rightly interprets as a word against the Holy Spirit's work, is "the unpardonable sin." There is a connotation of determined finality in this rejection of the Spirit. Commentators suggest it is unpardonable because it doesn't seek pardon.

The claim of the holiness of certain gay unions — a main argument of the ECUSA defenders at Nottingham — is a claim that this is from the Holy Spirit. Those who speak against this are seen as guilty of an unpardonable sin.

Of course, gay supporters would allow that this can be forgiven, but only if the guilty persons repent of their words against this movement of the Spirit.

Now, consider fully who is saying this. This is not a Maury Johnson. Louie Crew is the leading gay advocate in ECUSA. He founded Integrity. He is Chair of the Newark Deputation to General Convention and a Member of Executive Council. He was nominated for President of the House of Deputies in 2003.

And consider where he said it. This was a post to the House of Bishop's and Deputies internet discussion—a forum including the best and brightest of gay advocates. It would be most interesting to hear whether anyone tried to tone down Louie's biblical allusion.

Even if Mr. Crew hesitated to connect the dots, the rest of the sentence has conservatives standing against a work of God. Not a good place to stand.
Crew's quote is one very big bit of evidence of the depth and intractability of our conflict.



  1. […] – THE UNPARDONABLE SIN — I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you Louie for coming right out with it … (anthill) […]

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  2. Anthill,excellent website.
    Methinks Louie,in his comments,continues to attempt to further his agenda and do what the writer of Jude said in verses 18 and 19
    of Jude,follow his own ungodly lusts,cause divisions,show himself to have a mindset opposite to that of godliness,while spouting off ‘we’ve been led by the Spirit’proves in practice that he is devoid of the Spirit.

    Comment by padraic — April 28, 2006 @ 3:07 pm

  3. Thanks padraic.

    Interesting about Jude. I posted the whole epistle some time ago. If fits so very well.

    Comment by anthill — April 28, 2006 @ 10:08 pm

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