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April 3, 2006


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“Traditional” or worse,”traditionalist,” are words that may connote a sense of uptight, moss-back, rigid, humorless commitment to the past.

Ephraim Radner has done his best to dispell that notion. An article for the Anglican Communion Institute (“If there is a future for ECUSA and the Anglican Communion, then what?”) includes this:

Now traditions can be and often are questioned and challenged; that is a part of the very “network” that maintains the bonds of the communion. But the questions and challenges, for all that, take place within and not outside this larger network, which is presumed because it is in fact real and living and defines communion as something more than a concept.

Tradition is the living, breathing, and yes, changing, “bequest” we have received. It has been challenged and should be. “Reformed and always reforming” is a watchword for more than the Reformed branch of the Reformation.

A full engagement with the tradition of interpretation of Scripture is precisely what has not happened in ECUSA. The decisions of GC 2003 were made ad hoc, without first reversing the standing position on same-sex blessings and ordinations.

Radner is not easy reading; but he is good reading. See especially the section on Scripture.


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