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March 26, 2006


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Kendall Harmon found this:“A Christianity which will bear witness to God’s Word in Jesus will be a speaking, thinking, arguing, debating Christianity, which will not be afraid to engage in intellectual and philosophical contest with the prevailing dogmas of its day.”

– Oliver O’Donovan, Begotten or Made? (1984)

O’Donovan doesn’t mean these are the only modes of conversation. And, while it seems he mainly had in mind going up against the dogmas of “the world,” there is such a thing as good arguing between Christians trying to find truth. Tell me you haven’t had that pleasure.

The word “argue” comes directly out of Latin. There it can mean “prove” or “reason with.” It sometimes translates the Greek word transliterated “dialogue.” Acts 17:17 give an interesting use of this word (translated “argue” in some versions): “Paul reasoned with them in the synagogue … and in the marketplace.” This led to the famous speech in Athens citing pagan poets and philosophers, including the seminal line: “In God we live and move and have our being.”


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