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March 9, 2006


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Recent news from The Living Church gives us as good a launching point for anthill as anything I’ve seen. Read the whole articles by way of the two links.

Living Church reports that The Most Rev. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury was crystal clear about the position of the Anglican Communion on same-sex blessings and related ordinations.

The online article of 02/27/2006 has the following quotes and summaries from an address to the Anglican delegates to the World Council of Churches assembly in Brazil, Feb. 17.

-“Archbishop Williams admitted he did not know what the Anglican Communion would look like 18 months from now.”

-“He bemoaned the parochialism and cultural suspicions that had rendered each side deaf to the reasoning of the other.”

-“Obedience to God and determined dialogue with one another are the ways forward through the Anglican Communion’s crisis over human sexuality.”

-He shared his belief that all Anglicans were “trying to be obedient to Christ as revealed in the scriptures.”

-The danger, Archbishop Williams said, is of “one side drifting towards a fundamentalism which is incapable of meeting the deepest spiritual needs of human beings” while the other becomes “a religious version of well-meaning Western society.”

-It will not do to present the problem “as a matter in which one side would win and the other lose” as “we need each other desperately. And that is my deepest conviction about the Anglican Communion,” Archbishop Williams said.

But the Archbishop’s wish for a middle way does not mask a clear position on same-sex blessings and ordinations of those in them.

In another article from the same occasion, The Living Church reports that Archbishop Williams “cautioned the Episcopal Church not to end the House of Bishops' moratorium on consecrating non-celibate homosexual priests to the episcopate, until the Communion is of common mind.”

-Archbishop Williams said, “On a matter where traditionally there has been a very clear teaching,” there must be “the highest degree of consensus for such a radical change.”

-At the Primates' meeting in Northern Ireland in February 2005, Archbishop Williams said: The Anglican Communion “does not see itself free to sanction same-sex blessing and the ordination of persons in same sex-relationships.


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